Tanker 06

Tanker 06 Arrives at Klamath Falls Oregon on her last flight

In September of 2018 the Tanker 61 Wildfire Learning Center received the donation of a retired Airtanker, Tanker 06 from Neptune Aviation. Tanker 06 will be installed at the Center as a static display for the public to enjoy. This community effort is captured on this page.

Since the 1950’s airtankers have been valuable weapons in the fight against wildfires. Laying down a red line of fire retardant chemicals to slow the fires progress and allow crews on the ground to get the upper hand.

B17 Bomber converted to airtanker

In the early days many of these airtankers were former military aircraft that were converted to fire fighting.

Of these old warbirds turned firefighter one of the last to be retired was the Lockheed P2V Neptune. The P2V had a significant history and impact in the Airtanker program.

P2V Neptune Tanker 48